What Is the Benefit of a Hospital Bed at Home After a Surgery?

When people have an operation, they can feel better having a hospital bed at home. This bed can help them feel comfortable and safe while they recover. 

What is a Hospital Bed? 

A hospital bed at home is a bed that's made for people who need medical care. It's like a regular bed but has extra features to help with medical needs. The bed can be raised or lowered to make it easier for caregivers to relieve and reduce strain on the patient's body. It's a good option for people who need extra comfort and support when recovering after surgery.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety

Hospital beds are designed to provide optimal comfort and safety for patients. They offer adjustable positions, such as raising the head or feet, allowing patients to find the most comfortable place for resting, reading, or eating. A study suggests that adjustable beds significantly improved patients' comfort levels during recovery. 

Improved Safety 

Hospital beds also have safety features such as side rails to prevent accidental falls or injuries during recovery. These rails can be adjusted or lowered as needed. That makes it easier for patients to enter or exit the bed safely. Additionally, hospital beds often have locking mechanisms to ensure stability and reduce the risk of falls.

2016 study from Hillrom highlights the importance of hospital bed use for fall prevention in elderly patients. The study also emphasizes the significance of safety features like side rails. 

Enhanced Mobility

Hospital beds have features that help patients move better while recovering. They can be raised or lowered to make getting in and out of bed easier. It is helpful for patients with trouble moving or recovering from surgery. Some hospital beds even have buttons that let patients adjust the bed's position, which can help them feel more independent and need less help from others. 

A study by the National Institutes of Health supports changing hospital beds to help patients recover faster and move more efficiently. Hospital beds are equipped with features that aid mobility and functionality during recovery. They often have adjustable height settings, which make it easier for patients to get in and out of bed. 

Assistance with Daily Activities

Hospital beds can have extra things like overbed tables, IV poles, and bed alarms to help patients. Overbed tables are suitable for eating, reading, or using electronics. IV bars hold medical stuff or fluids safely. 

Bed alarms tell people if a patient tries to get up alone, so they can help them and stop accidents. One study discusses how these accessories help patients and make caring for them at home more accessible.

Improves Psychological Well-Being

A hospital bed at home can contribute to the psychological well-being of patients during the recovery process. Mimicking the familiar hospital environment can provide security and reassurance. That's especially true for patients with anxiety or fear related to their surgery.

Hospital beds can also enhance privacy and personal space. That allows patients to maintain autonomy and control over their environment.

A study from 2021 found that patients who used hospital beds at home felt more relaxed and comfortable because the environment was similar to a hospital. The National Library of Medicine published this research.

Final Thoughts

Having a hospital bed at home after surgery is helpful. It can make you feel comfier, keep you safe, help you move around better, and give you a hand with your daily stuff. These good things can help you get better faster and feel better overall.