How to Apply a Two-System Hollister Ostomy bags

An ostomy is a surgical procedure creating an opening in the abdomen. The procedure brings a long-term or short period change in the lifestyle of an individual. Permanent surgery is performed to reroute the body's waste from its normal path due to the malfunctioning of the urinary and digestive systems. The waste is collected in an ostomy bag. It is a life-saving procedure that allows body waste to pass through an abdominal stoma into an ostomy pouch attached outside the body. In another case, a stoma is surgically created inside the body and redirects the body waste there. Several health issues require an ostomy. Cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, congenital disabilities, incontinence, and pelvic or abdomen trauma are a few such health conditions. Shop for best-selling Hollister ostomy pouches, barriers, and skin care at discount prices

Hollister Ostomy Supplies

The brand Hollister ostomy supplies include an ostomy pouch, skin barrier, and accessories such as paste, barrier rings, ostomy belts, lubricating deodorant, stoma powder, and others. An ostomy bag is available in a drainable or closed version. A drainable pouch allows you to empty the bag's contents without removing it from the stoma. The latter is the disposable type. Closed ostomy pouches are for one-time use only and can be replaced with a new one. These offer great ease of use, especially to active ostomy users. If you like water sports and want an ostomy pouch with a lesser risk of leaks, then filtered ostomy pouches are excellent. These are combined with a filter line that provides constant venting without water penetration inside or outside the pouch.

How to Apply Two-Piece Ostomy System?

With Hollister's two-piece system, applying the ostomy pouch is much more convenient. You just need basic Hollister ostomy supplies (accessories if desired), and follow a few easy application steps. 

With Hollister two piece system, it is much easier to apply the ostomy pouch. You just need basic Hollister ostomy supplies (accessories if desired) and follow a few easy application steps.

1. Collect Supplies

The first step is to collect the mandatory supplies such as an ostomy pouch, skin barrier, cloth for cleaning, tissue, and water. Scissors, measuring guides, pens, or accessories are other miscellaneous items you should have at the time of application if required.

2. Clean the Skin

Before applying the new one, you should properly dispose of the used ostomy bag and skin barrier. It is done by gently lifting the edge of the adhesive and peeling downward, pushing the skin away from the barrier. Remember, do not flush down the toilet. Now clean the skin with water or gentle soap as the healthcare professional directs. Rinse and then tap dry thoroughly. Avoid using powder, oils, or lotion on the skin.

Ostomy paste is used as caulking to fill in gaps and creases. ... Hollister Adapt Ostomy Skin Barrier Paste

3. Check Skin Condition

Examine the skin around your stoma and check for irritation, rash, or redness. Contact your nurse if any of the above mentioned symptoms are present.


4. Prepare Skin Barrier and Pouch

Now measure your stoma using a measuring guide before every skin barrier changes. If you are using a pre-cut barrier opening, skip the measuring step. Trace the desired barrier size on the skin barrier. There should not be any skin left between the barrier and the stoma. This will help in preventing any leakage and skin irritation. Take a small, curved scissor to cut the barrier exactly as you have marked it. Stay within the line present on the release liner. When it's done, the next step is to remove the release liner from the skin barrier.

5. Add Rings or Paste if Required

Apply a thin paste layer or a barrier ring around the opening as instructed.

The Hollister New Image Two-Piece Drainable Ostomy Bag with filter is designed to be used with any New Image two-piece skin barrier with the same flange size.

6. Apply the Pouching System 

For the final step, place the skin barrier opening over the stoma. Make sure it's placed in a diamond shape. If using a tape bordered barrier, remove the back paper and gently press the adhesive against the skin. To attain the best adhesion, keep pressing the skin barrier for one minute in a gentle way.

Attach the ostomy pouch to the skin barrier by engaging the lower side of the pouch flange and skin barrier flange. Start pressing the two flanges together till fully connected. You will hear clicking sounds as you connect. It indicates that both the flanges are properly secured.

Close the bottom of the pouch. If you have attached a drainable pouch, then close the 'lock and roll' closure at the pouch bottom or apply a pouch clamp. For a urostomy bag, the drain valve should be closed. You can also apply the cap that is present in the box.

Final Thoughts

Hollister ostomy supplies include all the items that you require for ostomy care. Ostomy is a life-saving but challenging surgery, especially for new ostomy patients. It's because taking care of the stoma and ostomy pouching system is important to avoid any complications. Care tips also include using quality ostomy care products. It helps keep ostomy-related issues at bay and ensures that you get proper care more easily and conveniently.