How does the process of mattress assembly and pump operation function?

How does the process of mattress assembly and pump operation function?

Hospital bed mattresses are of varying types used by patients suffering from different health conditions. Individuals with limited mobility and who are bedridden have to lie on the bed longer. That is why determining the right type of mattress for the patient is crucial, as the wrong mattress can harm more than good. 

Air mattress or Alternating pressure mattress differs from regular mattresses because it has air inside instead of foam. It is chiefly used to help increase the patient's comfort level. 

What Is Air Pressure Mattress?

Pressure or air flow mattresses are designed for people at risk of developing or suffering from pressure sores. Maximizing the comfort level, this mattress modifies the air pressure on particular key spots, which is beneficial for reducing pressure sores. 

Damaged tissues cause pressure sores due to sustained pressure on the skin. It is categorized into four grades that start with skin reddening and ends with the damage of tissue, tendons, joints, and even bone. 

Mattresses play an imperative role in relieving pressure ulcers. Air pressure mattresses, such as alternating pressure mattresses, decrease the pressure, thus reducing the bed sores. Health care professionals recommend it to patients with Grade 3 and 4 ulcers. 

Reasons for Using an Alternating Pressure Mattress

Alternating air mattress provides targeted therapy to reduce pressure sores. There are also other reasons why this mattress is a great option. 

Skin ConditionAged skin has higher pressure sores than young skin. It is a fact that aged skin has low blood flow, decreased elasticity, and reduced fat levels underneath the skin. 

After evaluating the skin, a healthcare professional should determine about effectively handling the pressure level by the patient. Also, check for any change in skin color, moisture, and firmness differences. 

  1. Other Health Conditions

A few health conditions make the individual more prone to pressure ulcers. 

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Individuals suffering from mental health such as depression do not take care of their diet and personal hygiene. These behaviors linked with mental problems often become a source of pressure ulcers. Similarly, kidney failure could be another reason for pressure sores. Such patients have increased toxins in their bodies that enhance the chance of ulcers when they are immobile. 

  1. Limited Mobility

It is one of the most important factors in choosing an alternating-pressure mattress. Patients with limited mobility and critical health conditions must stay confined in their beds. It makes them more susceptible to developing pressure sores. The longer the patient stays in bed, the higher the chance of getting pressure sores. 

For instance, a patient with a spinal cord injury is more prone to developing pressure ulcers than an injured foot. 

How Does an Alternating Air Mattress Work?

An alternating pressure mattress constantly comprises lateral rows of air cells. The airflow mattress is controlled through a pump or footboard. The pump is used to deflate and inflate the cells as per the requirement of the patient. 

The deflated cells provide relief from pressure sores. However, the inflated cells work to give support to the body. This constant inflation and deflation movement under a patient's skin also provides a period of no pressure.

 It also provides some relaxing time to the caregiver with a reduced need for manual patient repositioning. And this reduces the number of disturbances for the patient during nighttime.

Guide for Alternating Pressure Mattress Assembly

The guide for setting up an air mattress is relatively easy. A caregiver can easily operate it using the given method. This system comprises a mattress and an electric pump, providing the ultimate solution to patients suffering from severe bed sores or at the edge of developing them. 

  • Electric Pump

As described above, an alternating air mattress works great for hospital and home use—most of the beds have an electric pump that requires an electric source. The pump has a quiet feature that allows the patient to rest peacefully. Moreover, the vibration isolation reduces the vibration produced by the pump to deliver an overall relaxing experience. 

The alternating pressure mattress has two modes of operation. The patient can opt for an alternating pressure mode that starts an alternate pressure cycle after every few minutes. Another mode is static, with no inflation or deflation after the user sets a specific pressure. That means no change in the pressure occurs when this mode of operation is turned on.

Both audio and visual alarm the caregiver to give instant attention if the mattress pressure drops to a certain level.

  • Alternating Pressure Mattress 

Some pressure mattresses are different. So before using, it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions about efficient use and its care.

The pressure mattress tends to deflate over time and must be inflated again. The Air mattress inflates within a few minutes if it works with an electric pump. The firmness of the mattress depends on the air filled in it but does not inflate up to 90% capacity of the mattress. It will cause damage to the bed. 

Alternating Pressure Mattress Assembly 

Following are the steps to inflate the mattress without any hassle. 

Connect the Pump to the Mattress

A nozzle is given with the package that can connect the alternating pressure mattress with the pump. A caregiver attaches one end of the nozzle to the pump and another to the mattresses. 

Set the Controls

Most alternating-pressure mattresses with easy controls. The user must set the controls that tailor to the patient's needs. Fill the mattress cells with the desired air and detach the nozzle. 

Now the alternating pressure mattress is ready to provide comfort and prevention from pressure ulcers. 

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