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Mobility Scooter Rental

Mobility Equipment Rental at Sky Medical is an excellent option for first-time renters as well as for people who are looking for reliable service. We provided you with competitive pricing and superior customer care.

Sky medical supplies make available daily, weekly, and monthly rental options if you are visiting out of state or live here in Denver. our scooter brands include Golden Technology Mobility Scooters, Vive Health scooters, power chairs, and lightweight foldable Journey's Health and Lifestyle power chairs.  When you visit our store you have various options to go about. You can choose a lever, joystick, or basic wheel steering option to navigate. other scooter options that provide extended battery life and ground clearance of up to "4 when renting scooters. Renting scooter mobility chairs is a popular option since they are easy to transport. 

Humans use mobility scooters adapted to pivot and maneuver themselves on and off of positioned vehicles. Mobility scooter rentals come in handy when someone has difficulty walking long distances. It is possible to ride a mobility scooter yourself with these rentals. Just contact us to reserve your scooter today.

Mobility Scooter Features 

Mobility scooters are motorized vehicles that assist the disabled in moving around. It has the design and functionality of a wheelchair, but it can also be used as a scooter because it has batteries on board. The case of those who cannot walk for extended periods is often used to going shopping or running errands. 

While some mobility scooters can travel off-road and away from beaten paths, others can go eight miles per hour and be stored in the boot of a car for convenience. Our mobility scooter fleet consists of new mobility scooters and mobility scooters for hire, which can be hired on a short or long-term basis. Also available are all-weather covers for mobility scooters and other accessories.

We offer all types of mobility scooters for hire in your area, so if you need one, we have it!

Zinger Power Wheelchair


With the zinger power wheelchair, you can maneuver any ground comfortably and effortlessly. This folding electric wheelchair type is one of the cheapest on the market today! The power wheelchair is loaded with features and all of the necessary safety precautions. It has a padded seat and a height-adjustable joystick controller that can be connected to the left or right side for simple transfer.

The Zinger Power Wheelchair allows you to travel freely throughout your home, neighborhood, and indoors and outdoors. You can now participate in any event, regardless of the location.

Benefits of having a Zinger Power Wheelchair: 

  •  Robust motors, front suspension systems, and firm tires make it easy to move across the grass, stones, concrete, rugs, and other floors.
  • You can take it anywhere since you fold it within a few seconds. You can also set it up with no time.
  • A 360-degree repositionable joystick controller with a battery charge indicator, horn, speed settings, and USB power connector is included when buying a zinger power wheelchair.
  • It's made from lightweight metal and has a customizable footrest, armrests, and backrest elevation to securely accommodate any weight. 
  • The 17.5" broad seat is well padded with a compact cushion and coated with nice, breathable mesh for ultimate convenience. It also consists of a flexible safety harness.

Four-legged walker 


  • It has eight steps that adjust for different heights and allows the user to easily rotate the foot tube to the appropriate hole by pressing the marbles.
  • You can use the lightweight walker indoors or outdoors.
  • A folding mechanism that makes transporting and storing items easy.
  • A walker can be brought close to the patient to help assist withstanding.
  • The button mechanism is easy to operate with your finger, palm, or hand.

Sliding, rolling, and lifting the walker are some methods of moving around when considering the user's height, weight, and strength to lift the item. Additionally, folding and storing away the walker or putting it into a car trunk should also be considered. Wheelchairs provide excellent stability and ease of maneuverability due to their wheels. You should also consider a walker with a comfortable seat if you want the added benefit. At Sky Medical Supply, we cater to your particular needs. 

When you plan to buy a walker, you have to ensure that it can fit your height, especially if you are exceptionally tall or short. A petite walker will probably be necessary, and walker leg extensions. Have a family member or friend measure your height and width. 1. Get up straight, wearing your shoes. 

2. Leave your hands hanging there naturally. 

3. To determine the length, measure the distance between your wrist crease and the floor. 

4. This measurement should determine your handle height. 

5. It is best to choose a walker with an adjustment range at least one inch higher or lower than your actual height to adjust it.

Get your four-legged rental now by just contacting Sky Medical Supplies! 

Hospital Bed Rental

Hospital Bed Product Description

With the Full Electric Bed With Low Bed Option, you can enjoy all the benefits of a full-electric bed, but with the safety and convenience of a low bed, in cases where railings are not desirable or appropriate, but the possibility of falling out of bed is always a concern. A telescoping leg design accommodates all bed height profiles from low to standard to high, and it is self-leveling.

A low-profile split-spring bed allows easy, one-person delivery without sacrificing all the advantages of a low bed


  • It converts from a low electric bed to a conventional one with telescoping legs and self-leveling legs.
  • Steel split-spring design with welded steel frame construction and reinforced head section gives this frame the most robust construction in the industry.
  • The motors and electronics can be cleaned easily by removing them from the frame.
  • A simple, easy-to-use pendant control moves the head, shoulders, and knees and adjusts the height of the bed.
  • A foot section and head section can be raised or lowered either together or separately.
  • The composite panels on the head and footboard provide both strength and durability.
  • Pivot points are equipped with self-tightening nuts.
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trangelenberg positions are supported.
  • By connecting a 9V battery to the motor, a simple method is to lower the foot and head sections in a power outage.

Rental of an electric and semi-electric hospital bed is available through Sky Medical Supplies. We sanitize every piece of equipment we rent, including hospital beds, before delivery, and during pick-up.

Knee scooter rentals 

Take a spin and give us your feedback. The best model on the market with a reliable brack system tested and cleaned after each use before passing it to the next customer. 
The Nova TKW is the best steerable knee walker in the market, supporting up to 300 pounds. We also offer a heavy-duty scooter that supports up to 400lbs with no additional cost to the customer. Sky medical supplies ensure the highest possible customized customer service to influence your recovery process positively.  

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